Smile! It can enhance your appearance, boost your confidence, and reflects your personality. Nowadays everyone wants a beautiful and healthy smile. You can improve your smile by many ways. One of them is by getting a perfect aligned teeth. A perfect set of teeth can be gained by wearing braces or aligners. We provide various kinds of orthodontic treatments such as removable appliances, conventional braces, modern braces (self-ligating braces), lingual braces, and clear aligners.

Removable appliances are usually used during pre-adolescent through adolescent period. They are used from correcting minor teeth problems to treating skeletal problems.
Conventional braces can fix most of the misaligned teeth cases, while Self-Ligating Braces (Damon Q, Damon Clear, mem Heimas, and In-Ovation) can achieve the same best results with shorter treatment time, less pain and discomfort, and better hygiene condition.

For those who consider that the esthetic factor is very important, we provide Hidden Braces/Invisible Braces (Incognito and MTM No Trace Lingual Braces) or 3D Digital Clear Aligners (eCligner) so other won’t even notice you’re wearing any of those!